The Root Problem Stifling D&I Efforts?: Current Tech Power Structures Are Framing The Conversation

So often in life, the spotlight only shows us just enough to take our next steps. While this “semi-blind” journey into the unpredictable and unknown is scary, the most important thing is to keep walking forward. In our current society, this process is exponentially more difficult when facing questions about diversity and equity. Those of us who decide to take a critical look inward will most likely be left with more questions than answers, as we consider who we are, how deep perceptions translate to how we treat one another and how these perceptions have shaped our personal worldview. The goal is to become more enlightened than we were yesterday, but this target perpetually moves as we grow and develop in an evolving society. 

This article, published by CIO on June 26, 2019, features our PDXWIT founder’s heartfelt and personal steps forward. Please click the link below as Megan Bigelow earnestly shares her continuing self-journey, how our community has informed that journey and why the tech industry needs to push for intentional and purposeful change.

PDXWIT community member Chloe Elliott reacts to founder Megan Bigelow's latest CIO article about asking tech companies to look inward before attempting to "solve" for D&I.