Who We Are

Our Purpose

PDXWIT empowers individuals within the Portland-area tech industry by offering community and skill-building events, mentorship, and access to jobs and opportunities. We dedicate ourselves to nurturing community leaders, advocating for the underrepresented, and inspiring change both locally and in the wider world. We leverage our leadership, commitment and influence towards reducing the imbalances that exist today in an industry that is shaping the future of humanity.

Who We Support

As an organization committed to advancing inclusion in Portland’s technology industry, we support and celebrate those who identify as women, non-binary and underrepresented in tech.

We encourage those who identify as women, non-binary, and underrepresented people to join tech and support and empower them to stay in tech.

We are advancing inclusion in Portland’s technology industry.


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Board of Directors


Our Values

Technology: Technology is shaping the future.
We believe in reducing the imbalances that exist in tech today so that everyone is represented and skilled in an industry that is shaping the future of humanity.

Authenticity: We serve real people.
We engage in accessible and clear conversation and storytelling 

Community: Serving the community. 
We believe in nurturing our community through career growth and opportunities, mentorship, and skill-building events in a way that is authentic, clear, accessible and relatable.

Inclusion: We are many, we are one. 
Everyone is included on the journey and we are committed to ensuring space and safety is never compromised.

Self Awareness: There is always more to learn.
We are receptive to feedback and commit to learning, reflecting, and evolving to better serve our community. 

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Our Vision:



Keep the organization operating and growing sustainably.



Create spaces where women, non-binary and underrepresented people in tech feel connected and supported by one another.


Extend our reach

Expand our influence by reaching more people more effectively.



Foster diversity and inclusion for tech companies in Portland.

Meet Our Sponsors

Through the generous donations of our sponsors, we are able to provide community events, educational experiences, and so much more to inspire change both locally and in the wider world.


Meet Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization and we are able to exist because of their tremendous contributions.


Meet Our Members

Get to know a few of our community members through their own words. Learn about their career paths, the scariest moments they’ve overcome, what organizations they are most passionate about, and much more!

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