#InvestingInYou: a PDXWIT Scholarship Program, for conferences and workshops

our purpose

The purpose of PDXWIT is to strengthen Portland women in the tech community. The goal is to bring together and empower women in tech and to encourage others to pursue tech careers.

The #InvestingInYou Scholarship Program continues this work. Our goal is to help develop individuals in the PDXWIT community by providing support for and access to conferences and workshops. Our goals are threefold:

  1. Contribute to growing the careers of community members and strengthen the presence of women in tech.

  2. Expand on institutional knowledge by providing opportunities for attendees to share what they’ve learned.

  3. Increase PDXWIT exposure by sending members to industry events.


The award winner will be provided travel, registration, and/or per diem to attend a technology-related or a women-in-business conference or workshop with a cap of $2,500. The conference or workshop must be held in the US within the contiguous 48 states. The conference must take place within 9 months of the award date. If you are selected as the awardee, you must confirm acceptance with PDXWIT within a week of being chosen or you will forfeit your award.


September 10, 2018 - Applications open

October 31, 2018 (at midnight Pacific time) - Applications are due

Late November, 2018 - Winner and runners-up contacted

Early December, 2018 - Awardees announced

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what we ask in return

One of PDXWIT's core values is giving back to the community. Awardees are expected to also represent the PDXWIT community at this conference or workshop. Your responsibilities to the community include posting social media and presenting on your experience for PDXWIT. This presentation can take the form of a public presentation, an online webinar, or a blog posting.

how to apply

Please visit the link to our application form below. In it you will be asked questions about the conference/workshop and what you would like to achieve from attending. We also ask for a text version of your resume and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile. You will also be asked some optional demographic information not related to your application.


You must be over the age of 18. You must be a resident of the greater Vancouver(WA)/Portland/Salem metro area. You must be a member of PDXWIT. (Membership is simply registering in the Slack channel and subscribing to the mailing list.)


for more information

Contact us at



What are you looking for in the application?

We’re looking for how being able to attend this conference or workshop is connected to your career growth. We want to hear about why you would be unable to attend if this opportunity did not exist. We are also looking for how PDXWIT will be represented at this conference and that you’re willing to share what you’ve learned with the wider PDXWIT community.

Will my application be made public or visible to my employer?

All applications will, of course, be held in the strictest confidence per PDXWIT’s commitment to being a safe, inclusive, and supportive community.

Will my photo or current company be used in any PDXWIT marketing materials?

Only if PDXWIT reaches out and receives your consent to include that information in the specific materials.

I’m not a member of PDXWIT, how do I join?

Membership is simply registering in the Slack channel and subscribing to the newsletter; links are below.



Is this limited to only women?

PDXWIT values the diversity of its members.  PDXWIT members of all identities and genders may apply provided they are 18 years or older and reside in the Vancouver(WA)/Portland/Salem metro area.

Can I apply if I reside outside of the US or the Portland metro area?

PDXWIT does it’s best to support diversity in tech. However, this program is specifically for applicants residing in the geographic region around Portland.

What are examples of need?

Examples of need include but are not exclusive to: “my paper was accepted at conference but I need travel support," “I’m unemployed but need to attend my technology conference to network and find work," “my boss will not fund me to go to this career-building event, which prevents me from growing," or “I’m reentering the job market after a 7 year break and need to find opportunities."

What are example conferences or workshops?

Examples of conferences and workshops are ABI’s Grace Hopper Celebration Conference, ACT-W, ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity, Pycon, Node Summit, Support Driven, AWS re:Invent, NVIDIA GTC, Women in Product Conference, to name a few.

Can I apply for international conferences?

No, the scholarship is US-based only, limited to the 48 contiguous states. (We will not fund someone to attend a conference in Alaska or Hawaii.)

Does cost factor in your decision?

We are a non-profit committed to the advancement of our members, cost is not a factor in selection. We do, however, ask that you consider what you actually need. We also reserve the right to offer partial funding to awardees.

Why are you offering this?

We are concerned about PDXWIT members being unable to attend conferences and workshops and the effect this has on their careers. Every time we discussed the creation of this program, someone had a story about barriers to access career development opportunities.

Why do you need the demographic information?

We want to constantly learn about who we’re serving and how we’re serving them. We can do this better by collecting your demographic information. All information is tightly controlled so we can continue to maintain trust with our members.

Scholarship Fund made possible by the Folley Foundation