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Meet Michelle Levine

How did you initially get involved with PDXWIT?
I initially got involved with PDXWIT from finding a happy hour event on I enjoyed the event and especially getting the chance to meet so many other women in the tech field. I've continued going to various events and had great experiences at all of them.

How have your connections at PDXWIT helped with your career path?
Every job I have had in tech since moving to Portland has come from someone I met at or through a meetup. I happened to meet someone at a recent PDXWIT event who ended up hiring me about a week after the event. I now work at a pretty cool startup, where I get to write code every day. 

How do you continue to be involved with PDXWIT?
I go to as many events as I can and continue to network, make contacts and build relationships. I spend a lot of time going to various events (PDXWIT and other groups). It is a two-way process, not only do I meet others to my benefit, but I also try to help any new developers that I can. 

Do you have any tips and advice for others?
Meetups are super important. Going out into the community and making connections can be difficult, but it is totally worth it. You never know who you might meet and who might have an opportunity for you. PDXWIT has a great community full of people who want to help you succeed. All you have to do is reach out and you will be welcomed.