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Meet Melody Dawn

I've had so much success meeting and connecting with wonderful people in Portland through meetups since moving here in 2014. When I found PDXWIT on the Meetup app, I thought it sounded like another positive, supportive group and was interested to talk with techies about my educational ideas. My first meeting was beyond my expectations. Welcoming, comfortable, and full of kind faces and open minds.

More than anything else, the people I've met at PDXWIT meetings have given me confidence and empowerment  both my career goals and the abundance of feasible solutions to my various tech needs. I've got big ideas for changes in education and I'm widely interested in all the possibilities that technology may provide.

I was thrilled to give a short presentation at the October Happy Hour event, and after connecting with several new members, I'm looking forward to future meetings and opportunities to collaborate with women in the tech industry. You never know who you're going to meet at a PDXWIT event :)

PDXWIT is a community of brilliant and supportive women (and men) with open arms and encouraging words. It is unlike any other networking environment I have ever been in. I feel comfortable around these women in a way that I don't usually feel in other large groups. If you've got any interest whatsoever in the world of tech whether you've got questions, expertise or just like the idea of supporting a well deserving group of women, then you shouldn't hesitate to attend the next PDXWIT event.