Meet Megan Bigelow

Four years ago, Kasey Tonsfeldt (now Jones) and I went on a coffee date after I attended the Grace Hopper Women in Computing event. The event left me feeling incredibly empowered and excited about being in tech, though frustrated that it took a conference to bring women like us together. Within an hour, Kasey and I had decided to form our own group to ensure women had a platform on which to gather on a regular basis!

In the early days, PDXWIT met at a local bar for a no-host gathering. By the end of the first year, companies were offering to host our meetings in their office spaces. This year, our entire year is booked and we have nearly 850 members!

The best part about PDXWIT is that it has changed lives in ways we never imagined. Our members have told us that the group has helped build their confidence through meeting new people on a regular basis, created opportunities that often lead to new jobs and/or careers, and many have forged new friendships! I personally have landed my last two jobs through connections I've gained through this group and have met countless women who have shaped my life.