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Meet Margaret Yovan

I got involved in PDXWIT when a good friend dragged me to a meeting last February, after listening to me complain about wanting to go back to working in the tech world.  Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming, I didn’t have time to feel out of place.

I had come to PDXWIT to find out what kinds of jobs are out there, given that I hadn’t been in tech for over 10 years.  Susan (Robinson, CEO of Tech Talent Link) and I had conversations over the course of several PDXWIT events in which I expressed an interest in trying something new. Then at the May Happy Hour event, she presented me with a proposal to train as a technical recruiter. Tech Talent Link is very active in supporting PDXWIT.

I continue to attend PDXWIT to continue working on my skills at interviewing people, and of course meeting new attendees and sharing my story. My advice to others is not to let job titles get in the way—they rarely describe the entirety of a job’s responsibilities. In other words, explore every opportunity you can, because you can’t know if it’s the right one for you if you don’t take the time to investigate.