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Meet Kristina King

I became involved with PDXWIT when the company I work for, Jama Software, hired a new Support Manager. Our recruiter at the time told us that Megan co-founded PDXWIT, and secretly bade us to attend. A handful of us showed up and were greeted with open arms by everyone.

At this point, my connections with WIT haven’t helped me with my career path because I’ve been happy with my position and company, so I haven’t been looking for a change. That said, I talk to so many inspiring women every time I attend a happy hour that I know I can always reach out to someone if I have questions or need encouragement. I love the breadth of experience and skill represented in this group.

I stay involved in WIT by attending the occasional happy hour and by being available if anyone needs me for anything.
Dispensing tips and advice is something I’m hesitant to do because I feel like a neophyte in the tech industry. That said, I feel like I have found success personally and professionally since entering the field, which is a stark contrast to my previous lines of work (teaching and financial services). The difference is that I’ve had bosses and teammates that are openly supportive and trusting. You don’t always know how things will shake out while interviewing, but now I know the kinds of questions to ask when interviewing for a job. What’s the corporate culture like? Do new employees get mentored in any way? What kind of relationship do you have with your boss? How often do you talk with your boss (direct boss, VP, whatever). How would you describe your team? Etc., etc. Some jobs may be more inherently interesting or fun than others, but if you work with good, supportive people, nothing seems like drudgery. In turn, you have to be openly trusting and supportive of your teammates and your bosses. Be generous with praise, because it makes giving and receiving constructive feedback way easier.