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Meet Jocelyn Bourgault

I migrated to the U.S. in 1992 to begin my studies and immerse myself in the American culture. Following my passion for science and math, I became an Engineer and began my career in the technology industry. My career has taken many turns, both geographically and functionally (within R&D, Operations and new products). My most recent move lead me to Intel Corporation in June 2015, working on/with new camera technology. My career has taught me to be proud of my roots and emphasize what my experiences bring to the table as a diverse candidate.

I'm a strong believer that education is the key ingredient to social progress. As such, I'm a strong supporter of STEM education for girls. I'm excited about the current focus of bringing STEM education to low income schools and into the forefront for girls in middle school and beyond. And I love attending the PDXWIT events in support of women in technology! After my first networking event, I knew I had found my tribe! I met incredibly smart, driven women who loved the tech sector and were looking for ways to connect.

My connections at PDXWIT have widened my perceived career path options. While my current move was not directly connected to PDXWIT, I have made connections with technical women in my neighborhood who share schools with my children. I have made connections with Hispanic women in tech who share a common culture. In fact, PDXWIT founder, Megan Bigelow and I found ourselves at a 5am yoga class in the 'hood' and immediately recognized each other and have formed a friendship. PDXWIT has allowed me to meet not just great women but great companies, some of which I had never heard of and inspired me to learn more about the possibilities out there.

I'm originally from Venezuela, but have lived abroad in Curacao, The Netherlands Antilles and Salvador, Brazil. I'm bi-cultural and bi-lingual in Spanish and English as well as proficient in Portuguese, and I'm familiar with other languages and dialects from places I've lived. I love salsa dancing and music. When I'm not working or furthering my education/career, I'm enjoying my family and home in NE Portland, and planning my next travel adventure.