Charlotte Chipperfield

About Charlotte Chipperfield

How did you learn about PDXWIT, and what keeps you coming back?

After relocating back to Portland having been away for 10 years, I was interested in meeting new people and reestablishing my network. Between an internet search and a recommendation from a friend, I attended my first PDXWIT event. At first, I’ll admit I was a little uncertain about attending as I don’t work directly in tech, however, running a social media agency I work closely with those who do. Upon attending my first event, I immediately felt welcomed into the community and have since met so many incredible people!

Can you give us some background on your career in tech? Did you intend this career path?

I didn’t set out to have a career in tech. Prior to starting Chipperfield Media, a storytelling social media agency, I worked in wine marketing after falling in love with the stories behind the labels. It was during this time that I realized just how quickly the role technology would play in helping to tell these stories. Today, while I still don’t consider myself as having a career in tech, I do work with brands in many verticals to help tell their stories through digital marketing and social media. Throughout these experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside talented UX designers and developers to serve clients.

What are your thoughts on women and entrepreneurship? For instance, thoughts on funding or support?

As a female entrepreneur, I am passionate about this topic! Female entrepreneurs face unique challenges from the way we conduct business to gaining funding. For me, having the support of other female founders has been invaluable. A community I feel fortunate to be a part of is the Million Dollar Women organization in which I sit on the Senior Leadership Team for planning the annual summit in NYC. Less than 2% of female-founded companies reach the $1 million dollar revenue mark which is a statistic that needs to change and by coming together we can support one another to move the needle in the right direction. I’m a big believer in community over competition and together we can build a community to share resources and encourage one another to make the change in the world we want to see!

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