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Returning to Work as a New Mom is Hard

A new mom shares her expectations of returning to work versus the reality. Being a new mom in the tech industry can be hard, so on this Mother’s Day let’s remember to celebrate and support each other.

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Breaking Free of Trying to Please

Working to prove herself in tech, Jess Stetson earned praise from coworkers and clients. It took time—and a life-changing event—to recognize the bias behind the compliments and learn to use her voice to confront it.  

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Being a Mom in Tech and How Women Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

PDXWIT’s members and supporters need no introduction to Megan Bigelow, co-founder of this growing organization that today represents more than 30% of Portland’s tech workforce. Back in July, Portland journalist Kate Kaye sat down with Megan for a wide-ranging interview about being a mom in tech, about her then-new gig as director of customer reliability engineering for open source software outfit Heptio, and why human connections have been a thread throughout her life and work.

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