Call for Submissions


Our vision for the PDXWIT blog is to develop a trusted resource of insight, education, connection, encouragement, and pragmatic solidarity for women and underrepresented groups in tech and those who actively support women in tech and the broader mission of increasing diversity in tech.  Posts can take many forms: opinions, personal stories, histories, advice, tutorials,  or educational resources,  as long as they are relevant to the women in tech community.  Contributing to the PDXWIT blog will help us strengthen a thriving community while offering the opportunity to increase your online presence, demonstrate your expertise, and provide wide-reaching mentorship.  

Who should submit?

Anyone in support of our shared mission can write posts for the PDXWIT blog. We welcome people with all levels of writing abilities. In service of our mission, we will prioritize the voices of folks who share one or more identities historically and currently underrepresented in tech.Writers do not need to disclose or simplify their identities or focus on related "issues" in their posts, but writers are welcome to do so and to discuss these topics openly.

What should I submit?

There is no specific structure required for your submission.  In general, we recommend that you submit the simplest version of your central idea that you can articulate. Focusing on the main idea first will give you the chance to refine your idea and rework your concept before you commit time to writing your post.  If your idea is complex, you may choose one subtopic to explore first or break the idea up into a series of shorter posts.

Typically, blog posts should be brief and run between 500 words and 1,000 words.  This means that they will typically feature one theme. To pinpoint your theme, consider these three questions:

1.  How do you describe the people who would be interested in this post?  

2.  What question or goal might your audience have prior to reading?

3.  What will they learn by reading your post??

Our wish list for future blog content:

If you would be willing to write a post and are searching for the right idea, we have a list of starter topics that we would love to share with the community:

  • Testimonials and practical advice from people with nontraditional backgrounds who have successfully transitioned into tech
  • Advice for recent coding bootcamp grads
  • Insights on the current state of the tech sector in PDX (and beyond!)
  • Agile principles and workplaces  
  • DevOps principles and innovations
  • Books and resources recommended by women in tech, especially those they wish they had found earlier
  • Snapshots of the specific tools women in tech use in their work
  • Intersectionality in tech

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